Warriors of the Rainbow, is derived from the Native American concept that the ainbow is a sign of the Spirit in all things. Many Indian Tribes have their own prophetic version of The Warriors of the Rainbow. This is our interpretation of the stories told from generation to generation.

Various Indian legends speak about the imbalance of Mother Earth and Mankind. It is prophesized that fish will die, water will blacken, birds shall fall from the skies and seeding crops will become barren and living conditions as we know it will no longer exist.

It is at this darkest moment, that the Indian myths share the story of returning to living in harmony with Mother Earth. The leaders that are responsible for returning our world back to balance are the “Warriors of the Rainbow”.

As peace, freedom, integrity, justice and recognition to the Great Spirit are required to restore balance, it is the Warriors of the Rainbow that will join together as one, and restore love in the hearts and minds of mankind.

The Warriors of the Rainbow will carry this message, educate earth’s inhabitants how to live by the old way and peacefully propagate in harmony with Mother Nature.

As Warriors of the Rainbow, we choose to begin this journey of wholeness with Mother Earth and invite you to be a part of our tribe.

Warriors of the Rainbow is an inclusive tribe where you can begin your journey towards wholeness. Our goal is to support and foster a sense of mindfulness while challenging you to live a more sustainably life for future generations and to protect Mother Earth. We offer a variety of methods to achieve and maintain the best version of you that you are proud to be. Whether you are brand new to Plant Based Living or simply want to improve your physical and mental well-being, Rainbow Warrior Café offers a healing and approachable environment to do so. You are welcome anywhere along your path: as a beginner, semi-experienced, or well-seasoned.

Our Why

To protect the world’s Warriors. This world needs more people spreading love and light every day in all types of diverse ways. Warrior Café strives to be a meeting place that is on fire with love and light and to help our fellow Warriors continue to do good work in their own circles, tribes and communities. We will be a place that is constantly evolving with new educational materials and making them available to our Tribe members.

  • Food 
  • Mental health 
  • Physical health

We need to come together to help the future generations to Protect,  Respect, and Love Mother Earth and follow the path to positively feed our Mind, Body, and Spirit.